Beautiful Song

(released 2018)

“Contemporary pianist and composer Anne Trenning combines the warmly familiar with the impassioned new on her latest offering, Beautiful Song, featuring Anne Trenning and Friends. Capturing the concepts of love and beauty and transmuting them into dulcet melodies seems to be her forte. Join Anne and her friends as they capture you and bring joy and peace into your life.” — RJ Lannan, Zone Music Reporter

Beautiful Song by Anne Trenning and Friends is a musical box of chocolates in that each piece is different from the others. Instrumentation and genre vary from piece to piece, but the title really does say it all and could easily be ‘Beautiful Songs.’ This is my favorite of Anne Trenning’s albums so far!” — Kathy Parsons,

“Trenning has created something so remarkably picturesque with this release, smoothly performed with such great colour, a veritable pastiche of quality compositions all bathed in an originality rarely seen. This creative collection is a must buy.” — Steve and Chrissie Sheppard, One World Music Radio

“Every contributing artist adds their distinct touch and own layer of instrumentation to make Anne’s piano playing deeper and brighter…Beautiful Song will hold you mesmerized from beginning to end.” — Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews

“…Anne and various featured artists on this album have come together to show their virtuosity in a new light. It is like creating a rainbow with every artist bringing a color of his/her own. While you listen to various songs, imagine a sonic rainbow being painted and let your mind enjoy the scene as it floats on the droplets of rain.” — Vivek Kumar, 2indya

“The music of the newest album “Beautiful Song” of Anne Trenning and Friends brings you back to your most bright and happiest moments of your life. It speaks directly to your heart and fills it with incredible love and beauty. The refined melodies of Anne Trenning’s piano along with the accompaniment of acoustic instruments of her friends revive the soul and release it from anger and disappointment. You can realize another, spiritual reality filled with rays of light.” — Serge Kozlovsky

The Sunflower Waltz

(released 2015)

“Put simply, the music on The Sunflower Waltz is exceptional. First and foremost, in a manner similar to other renowned musicians of this genre, Anne’s compositions have character and heart.  The music is mostly warm, upbeat, optimistic, positive, and most of all sincere, with strong, crisp, and memorable melodies.  So adeptly and creatively crafted, sophisticated, and varied in style and temperament that it can easily hold your attention for the entire length of the album without any need for accompaniment.” —Robert Wayne Martin, GAIA Prime Internet Radio

The Sunflower Waltz is an album that the legions of fans of the solo piano genre will absolutely lap up, Anne Trenning has poured her heart and soul into this work and it shows.” — Steve Sheppard, One World Music. Steve’s complete review: PDF download

“The music of Anne Trenning is filled with such emotional experiences that it arouses an immediate response from the listener. It touches the soul very deeply and goes to the true essence of the human being.” — Serge Kozlovsky

“(A) beautiful thing about Anne’s collection is the variation she brings to her music. Apart from the regular expressions that she would give to the names and the content of her songs, the collection (is) interspersed with some intriguing and sometimes esoteric expressions…it allows you to meditate while listening to her songs. Just let her music play and concentrate on the divine.” — Vivek Kumar, 2indya

“Drawing on life experiences as the inspiration for her music, Trenning’s compositions carry a wide range of emotions, but on her latest, the pieces are mostly warm and happy. For me, sunflowers have always been symbolic of simplicity, innocence, and joy, and that’s a pretty decent description of this album overall. Played with confidence and an expressive touch, the music is strong yet gentle, simple yet complex, sometimes with Celtic influences and sometimes pure Americana.” — Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

The Sunflower Waltz is musical nostalgia, melodies from a simpler time when a simple sunflower seemed to radiate joy and beauty…When one adds in engineering and mastering by the estimable Joe Bongiorno (the album sounds great!), you get a complete package of solid musicianship, engaging melodies, and spot-on production quality.” — Bill Binkelman, Wind & Wire

“Anne Trenning is a talented artist and composer. Her work with the solo piano in The Sunflower Waltz is mesmerizing and a soothing experience that I highly recommend. Twisting melodies that embroil you in their simple grace, each of the sixteen tracks takes you on a journey outside of yourself. A great listen.” — Dana Wright, New Age Music Reviews

“This time around, Trenning ditches all the trappings and colorations letting her solo piano work stand on it’s own, which it really does well…Present, as well as in the moment, this is a piano recital that is elegant without being stuffy that merrily hits all the right notes.” — Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Watching For Rain

(released 2009)

Watching For Rain debuted at #3 on the Zone Music Reporter’s radio charts and rose to #2, remaining on the charts for 9 months during 2009. The CD was nominated for 4 ZMR Awards and was a finalist for “Best Instrumental Album – Piano” 2009. Watching For Rain ranked 4th on the “2009 ZMR Radio Airplay” chart. It was included in Michael Debbage’s “Top Twenty Recordings of 2009.”

“Anne Trenning’s music is everyday music. It is the sound of the sun shining, the heart beating and the spirit growing. Anne takes the familiar and the comfortable and musically makes it more so. She also discovers the new that we have been waiting for. If you’re like me, you’ll play it all the time.” — R J Lannan, Zone Music Reporter

“There is a welcome peace to her music… Watching for Rain is one of life’s listening essentials.” — Women’s Rising

“This is some truly beautiful new age piano… some outstanding music.” — Jazz & More: Eclectic Music Showcase, WEOS-FM

“All of the music on this CD is exceptional… very highly recommend it.” — Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

Watching For Rain strikes me as a sweetly nostalgic and dreamily innocent recording… when you need a pick me up… or if you’re just a die-hard romantic like I am, this CD would be a good one to slide into the player.” — Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter

“What an inspiring CD, full of hope and love! Just gorgeous!” — Barry Sultanoff, Mana’o Radio 91.5 FM, Maui

“I love Anne Trenning’s new CD. It is very peaceful, beautiful and de-stressing.” — editor, Global Artist Village

Watching For Rain…is fantastic!” — Michael Isam, WFCF-FM

“Trenning’s creations and arrangements come to life at her fingertips.” — Wildy’s World

“I’m highly impressed and rate this musical extravaganza as MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…” — Improvijazzation Nation

“…the music is lovely… a perfect record for this time in our lives.” — Collected Sounds: Celebrating Independent Musicians

“…easily one of the best instrumental CDs out on the market… Anne has managed to capture something magical…” — Junior’s Cave

All One World

(released 2004)

All One World was listed among the Top 10 on New Age Reporter’s Top 100 Airplay Chart for 2005.

All One World is a lovely collection of acoustic piano songs… you can’t miss with this feel-good collection of 12 tracks, which plays like a love song to life… therapists who have an affinity for solo piano should expecially take note.” — Clare LaPlante, Massage Therapy Journal

“An anthem for humanity…” — Entertainment News, 2006

“Like Winston, Anne Trenning infuses her pieces and her playing with the songful, soothing warmth of a cozy hearth on a chilly night… features lovely fiddle lines by Charlotte Symphony violinist Jane Hart Brendle… basks in the kind of sweetness tinged with melancholy that nostalgia evokes.” — Charlotte Magazine

“’All One World’ is the title track, a contemporary solo piano piece that could be the theme song for world unity… ‘Ben’s Song’ is a special gift… there is a sweet delicacy about Anne’s music… offers her hope for a better world through her peaceful, warm-hearted music.” — R. J. Lannan

“Anne Trenning is a throwback to the new age pianists of the 1980’s, especially George Winston and David Lanz, in the sense that her melodic playing contains considerable pop vigor… this is a pianist whose writing and playing have a wonderful sense of line and flow… her music is equally effective as foreground listening and to provide low-volume ambience.” — William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide

All One World was quietly named one of the top five annual acoustic piano recordings by New Age Reporter… There is a friendly, familiar feeling to Trenning’s playing style.” — Mount Shasta Magazine

All One World is an incredible album showcasing the artistry of Anne Trenning. Very highly recommended for its deft manipulation of Folk and Irish stylings combined with a superb mastery of classical works… paints a vivid portrait of a confluent and peaceful world.” — Midwest Book Review, 2006

“…what a breath of fresh air it is… Trenning’s musical voice is both strong and gentle, and she knows when to let a simple melody sing on its own.” — Solo Piano Publications

“…warm, sincere, and graceful music, full of passion for life and the softer emotions… always welcome at the hearth of those who know a good thing when they hear it.” — Wind and Wire

“What a message of hope… The title cut gets into your head and heart. An excellent place for seeds of peace to be sown.” — Spirit-Works

“Organic and heartfelt, Anne’s music is from the soul and touches your own… there is nothing higher than music written and played from the heart and soul.” — Innerchange Magazine

Suite Tea

(released 1997)

Vivek Kumar discovers a poetic story within in Suite Tea. See his review on the website 2indya, 10.20.2011

“Short, impressionistic piano pieces… primarily her own songs, on the pop-jazz end of the spectrum, very melodic, atmospheric, and emotionally evocative… Her one cover song on the CD, Led Zeppelin’s ‘The Rain Song,’ works beautifully… anyone who enjoys the New Age genre, or melodic soft jazz, would do well to get acquainted with her as there’s some real talent at work here.” — Creative Loafing Charlotte, 11.29.1997